Important Aspect of Organic Meat Consumption

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Nowadays, many kind of organic food product are available on market. It is also including organic meat. In a glance,we may can not differentiate which one that proven as organic meat without looking at its label. It is because the appearance of the meat is similar to the non organic one. However, the organic label do not comes at once. It is related with long process and existence of strict law and regulation to label it. The certification process is complex. It is because all the plantation process is checked regularly. The farming also have to follow all the standards start from seed choosing, planting, pest controlling, weeding, until crops time.

In United States, it is not easy for any farm to get organic meat label on their product. They must get the certificate from USDA accredited agent. However, there is also an exception on the regulation. The low production organic farm that sells under $5.0000 per year can get an exception to use organic meat term without certified organic process. Any farms that produce more than the amount mentioned above, have to fulfill the national standard and pass all
process to get the certificate.

The organic meat, whether it is come from beef or chicken must not given any growth hormones, antibiotics or other drug except vaccination. It is because the worries of antibiotic overuse on animal may transferred into human body. Many study often found that a livestock is used in low level of antibiotic even though the animal is not sick. It is all used for the sake of profit on growth increasing process. While organic meat avoids all of this chemical substance
that may cause harm toward our body. Organic meat only feed the animal with grass to support their growth.

In fact, organic meat that produced from organic farming is grown in natural process. It means that this kind of product do not use any synthetic pesticide, sewage sludge, irradiation and other dangerous method. Automatically, organic farming system has more humane treatment than the traditional one. Those humane treatment can be seen at regular access that given for the grazing animal to pasture. Beside that the poultry is not put in cage and have sufficient access to the outdoors.

Organic meat product is healthier because it has no artificial color, flavor and preservatives addition. After all the detailed information about organic farming and the benefit above, we should not have any doubt. We shall turn into organic meat than still keep holding on to consume the traditional product. Buy organic product can increasing our health condition and prevent any contamination from chemical substance level. That is why, any organic product of
organic beef and chicken is safe to consume.

We also can give the organic meat to our babies. As we know, organic meat has a warranty of free pesticide and chemical substance contain. That is why, it is safe to give it for our beloved one. Babies still can get enough nutrition and protein from the meat without any possibility to suffer in the future. It is undeniable that traditional meat that contaminated with chemical may cause a chronic disease in the future. Absolutely, there is no parent in this world that willing to put their baby in risk. So, organic meat is a wise choice.

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