Benefit of Organic Vegetables Consumption

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Recently, consuming organic foods become trend among people around the world. So many restaurants, supermarket even local store already serve the organic order. People now can fulfill their consumption needs by consuming variety of organic food such as organic rice, organic fruits, organic meat, and organic vegetables. Many people turn into organic product because organic food obeys to the regulation that forbid them to use any chemical or pesticide usage. Actually, the traditional plant system usually uses such chemical substance to help the weed or controlling the pest. It is different with the organic farm system that only relies on the crop rotation and crop cover to control the pest population. So basically, organic vegetables are not only good for our health but also friendly for our environment. It is all because the organic system decreases the pollution and helping the soil and water conservation process.

Organic vegetables also claimed more nutritious than traditionally product. This numerous claims appear because organic vegetables do not use any chemical substance that may expose the product. Even though there are so many claim but USDA and Mayo Clinic do not give any supporting or refer upon this. Beside all of the controversy about the nutrition level, the cost also become main consideration before consume this kind of product. It takes higher
cost because the grown process needs more manpower than traditional one. But if we pay highly attention on our health, we will gladly consume organic vegetables to avoid any harmful chemical substance existence such as fertilizer in our food.

All of the natural and free from pesticide production process of organic vegetables often make a misconception of the taste. Some people thin that organic vegetables have a far better taste than the non organic one because it is naturally produce from seed until the harvest time. Since there is no study to prove that, we can not make a brief conclusion about that. Taste itself is commonly highly depending on each person preferences. The truth is organic vegetables have more benefit for our own sake and environment. Another additional fact is that using growing organic farming system will eliminate the effect toward water condition and water life. Automatically, it will support the restoration process of keeping the environmental balance.

Organic vegetables are also great for healthy diet. By consuming this food in our diet program, we can decrease our chemical substance consumption amount and increasing the nutrition level. For the cost problem, we still can try an alternative way to keep us enable to consume organic food in a budget. We can start to grown our own organic vegetables in our vegetable garden. By using our garden area, we can learn how to gardening using organic farming
system. We can simply find it through using abundant online source. After that, we can simply save much money and still be able to fulfill our needs of healthy food. By growing our own organic vegetables plant, we can save our health and nature.

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